Why did I open a shop in this town?

Like a flash, our grand opening came and went. There were drinks and high-fives and lots of people; it was so perfect and so so quick.

 Open. Open. Open.

Open. Open. Open.

Something stood out though. If our grand opening was Twitter, and a hashtag were trending hard, it would be #WhyDidYouOpenHere? Underline, italicize, and put in quotes the word "here". Also, maybe, say it quietly out of the side of your mouth.

For those of you that are not from the mid-coast Maine area, allow me to let you in on a small secret: It's rural. Like, really really rural. What does that mean exactly? Farms, HUGE open spaces, small (micro-small) towns, and there's not a whole lot of extra money floating around. We qualify as "depressed," just not the kind of depressed that Prozac can help.

So #WhyDidIOpenHere? Well, because it's down the street from my house. Seriously, I walk here everyday. And . . . because we belong here. This area needs music and beauty and commerce and places to meet up. Just like any other community does. 

The people in this tiny town are fun, hardworking, loving, passionate, and social. We want HEIRLOOM HOUSE to reflect those qualities back at them. To be their place to express themselves, be together, and rock their days in a uniquely Thorndike way.

So going forward you will see a lot happening around here: mommy meet ups, paint and sip nights, book clubs, henna tattoo days, open mic in the yard nights, and a whole lot more.

Not only is this a lounge with the fastest wifi in town and super great coffee, a shop with handmade, creative wares; we are also that place that inspires you, engages you, and calls to you to get out of your home and into your community.

Investing in this community feels right. That's #WhyIOpenedAShopInThisTown and why I would do it again in a heartbeat.